Fundamentals of Surface Energy & Surface Tension Training Course (with relevance to adhesion and wetting)

Acquire Knowledge, Exchange Experiences – Share our Knowledge for your Success.

This half day Training Course is built on the foundations of various adhesion problems brought to us by customers in manufacturing and education / research.

  • Realise the fundamentals of surface energy and surface tension and the various measurement methods.
  • Understand how to achieve better adhesion to low surface energy materials e.g. P.P., P.E. and how to get metals super clean.
  • Improve the quality of your products in addition to reducing your costs.
  • Engage in practical sessions showing the techniques in action.
  • Learn how others deploy the range of surface measurement techniques successfully.
  • Discover how easy it can be to implement surface measurement into your existing systems.

The Dyne Testing Customer Service Team offer you practical hands-on and theoretical training which takes place at the Dyne Testing laboratory in Lichfield or upon request at your own premises.

The course is ideal for Technicians, Quality Control Engineers / Managers as well as those with a general interest in perfecting adhesion and measuring surface properties.

Training Session Includes:

An introduction to Surface Energy & Surface Tension (what are they and why are they so important?).

Measuring Surface Energy with a range of techniques i.e.

  • Dyne Test Pens
  • Dyne Test Fluids
  • Contact Angle

Measuring Surface Tension with a range of techniques i.e.

  • Force Tensiometer
  • Pendant Drop
  • Bubble Tensiometer

Measuring Surface Cleanliness with a range of techniques i.e.

  • Optical Tensiometery
  • Fluorescence Technique
  • Dyne Test Fluids.

Training Schedule:

The courses take place at our Customer Centre in Lichfield, Staffordshire and run for half a day.

Spaces are always limited and sessions do tend to fill up quickly, so potential attendees need to register early.  Please call us for details of forthcoming training sessions and to book a place.

Course Fee:

£247 + VAT per delegate (includes refreshments and course notes).


Fundamentals of Surface Energy & Surface Tension Training


For further Training Course Information contact us and we will email you the information or call our Sales Team now on 01543 411460.