Bubble Tensiometers

A quick and flexible method for measuring  dynamic surface tension values and wetting characteristics of surface active liquids.  The bubble pressure tensiometer is used in quality control, research and development for characterisation of water-based solutions such as surfacants, polymers, acids and bases.

T100 Bubble Pressure TensiometerBubble Pressure Tensiometer Science Line T100 a compact and high performance instrument for measuring dynamic surface tension and analysing surfactants with a large bubble life time range from highly dynamic to quasi-static (15 ms up to 100,000 ms).






t15 1b

Bubble Pressure Tensiometer Pro Line T15 an all-round bubble pressure tensiometer.  The instrument has a comprehensive bubble lifetime range from 15 ms to 20,000 ms for measuring dynamic surface tension and will automatically adjust the chosen bubble exactly without readjustment by the operator.





Bubble Pressure Tensiometer DynoTester+ the entry level intuitive hand held instrument for measuring dynamic surface tension and surfactant concentration easily and quickly.  Holds upto 25 measuring profiles for bath control, process documentation and more.