Dyne Testing supplies a complete range of surface energy measurement equipment & systems for the determination of wetting characteristics of solid materials. For optimum adhesion when printing, gluing, painting or coating on various substrates it is necessary to have a high surface energy.

The strength of attraction between a material and a coating is determined by the relative surface energy/surface tension of the materials.  The higher the solid’s surface energy relative to the liquid’s surface tension, the greater the molecular attraction, this draws the paint, ink or adhesive closer for high bond strength.  The lower the solid’s surface energy relative to the liquid’s surface tension the weaker the attractive forces are and this will repel the coating.

Determining the surface energy can be easily achieved by measuring contact angle or by use of Surface Energy Test Pens or Inks (Dyne level testing).  We supply a range of surface energy measurement equipment; Dyne Test Pens, Dyne Quick Test Pens, Dyne Test Inks, Drawdown Test Equipment, and Contact Angle Meters.

Dyne Test Pens - Surface Energy Measurement EquipmentDyne Test Pens give you a quick and easy way to measure surface wetting or surface energy… Dyne QuickTest Pens - for the measurement of surface energyDyne QuickTest Pens One quick test will identify if the surface is treated to a level of 38mN/m or higher, quickly identifying the treated or non-treated side of the material.
Dyne Test Liquids - for the measurement of surface energy.Dyne Test Liquids for the quick and easy measurement of surface energy or wetting tension. Drawdown Test Equipment for direct A to B comparisons or evaluation of machine caused treatment variations
Theta Flex Optical TensiometerTheta Flex optical tensiometer allows highly accurate and easy characterisation of both solids and liquids. spreading and surface heterogeneity. Theta Lite Optical Tensiometer - Surface Energy MeasurementThetaLite optical tensiometer is a compact and robust optical tensiometer for simple and accurate measurements of contact angle and surface free energy.
Theta Flex with HPCTheta  Flex High Pressure Chamber an add-on module for the Theta Optical Tensiometer. It enables optimal interfacial tension and contact angle measurements at high pressures and temperatures.  surface-analyst-resizedPortable Contact Angle Meter  hand-held non-destructive portable contact angle meter for quantifying levels of surface preparation from the lab to the factory floor.