One of the most regular causes of a coatings failure is moisture especially when applying to wood or building materials.    Moisture meters are integral to the process of determining material readiness and suitability for coating application.

Many substrates in today’s industry such as wood, concrete, fibreboard, plasterboard, gypsum and brick that are coated are porous  and can absorb moisture.  It is therefore necessary to measure the moisture content within the substrate to reduce the possibility of subsequent coating failure.  Powder coating substrates such as wood or MDF have a high moisture content and will generate steam during the curing process damaging the new coating applied.  Other coating substrates including concrete, fibreboard, plasterboard, gypsum and brick may also have a high moisture content and again may damage any new coatings applied.

Dyne Testing offer a range of moisture meters and humidity meters to test these materials prior to applying coatings.  The moisture meters vary in price from the economy range to the more deluxe which offer more features.


Building Materials
Moisture Meter for Building Materials is an electronic moisture indicator based on a non-destructive dielectric constant measuring. BL Compact B Moisture Meter for measuring moisture in Building MaterialsMoisture Meter for Building Materials Deluxe This version has more features. For a non-destructive measurement of moisture in building materials.
Wood Materials
Compact Moisture Meter to measure moisture in Wood MaterialsMoisture Meter for Wood Materials for wood materials and plaster is based on the resistance measuring method. BL Compact Moisture Meter to measure moisture in Wood MaterialsMoisture Meter for Wood Materials Deluxe This version has more features with 3-line LCD display.  For diverse wood species, soft building materials and insulating materials.
Wood Fuels
Compact S Wood Moisture Meter for measuring moisture in Wood.Moisture Meter for Wood Fuels  with average calibration including both soft and hardwood with a large three-digit LCD.
Moisture Meter for Wood Fuels Deluxe This deluxe version is suitable for measuring different kinds of hard and soft woods.
Surface Moisture  Infrared
Surface Moisture Meter - tests surface moisture on wood and building materialsSurface Moisture Meter a hand held instrument which instantly and accurately measures moisture content in wood & building materials. BL Compact Infrared Moisture Meter for measuring moistureInfrared Moisture Meter designed for non-contact measurements usable for the surface of different materials


Quick Check Measuring Range Chart

Moisture Meter for Wood Materials Wood: 5 – 20% m.c. for wood moisture
Moisture Meter for Wood Materials Deluxe Wood: 6 to 25% with 4-step correction of wood species.
Building: 0.4 to 6.0% (mass/weight per cent).  For 3 types of building materials and 2 types of insulating materials.
Moisture Meter for Building Materials Wood: 5 – 45%
Structure: 0 to 100 digits
Moisture Meter for Building Materials Deluxe Structural materials:
0 – 100 digits (scanning range)
0.3 – 6.0 % of dry weight
0.3 – 4.0 % CM
Wood: Tendential indication for hard and soft wood
Moisture Meter for Wood   Fuels  Wood: 10 – 50 % wood m.c
Moisture Meter for Wood Fuels Deluxe Atro/Dry mass: 10 to 50 %
Water content: 10 to 34%
Surface Moisture Meter Wood: Up to 42%
Readings above 27% are indicative only (i.e. normal value of the fibre saturation point)
Infrared Moisture Meter Temperature:
Infrared temperature: -40° – +240° C
Emissivity adjustable from 20 – 100 %


If you are unsure which moisture meter is right for you, feel free to call our Customer Support Team for advice on tel: +44 (0)1543 411460 or email