Sealing Quality on Aluminium

Sealing on Aluminium

Introducing the ANOTEST® Measurement Instrument for testing the sealing quality on aluminium.

The weather resistance of a finish is a function of sealing quality.  According to DIN EN ISO 12373-5 and ASTM B 457-67, the admittance (Y) of a capacitor in which the anodic oxide film forms the dielectric is a good yard-stick of sealing quality.

To measure the sealing quality of aluminium, Dyne Testing offers an instrument that measures the admittance according to standards, and designed for on-site testing. 


  • Large LCD
  • Battery or AC line operated
  • Automatic measurement start after insertion of the probe in the cell
  • Automatic computation of the admittance referenced to standard sizes
  • Signally for poor sealing
  • Acoustic signal for start and end of measurement
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Storing of 10,000 measurements in upto 100 applications
  • Statistical evaluation
  • RS232 interface for printer or PC
  • Measuring frequency: 1 kHz (DIN EN ISO 12373-5) 
  • Measuring test cell ø 6 mm(1): 14 – 1400 μS
  • Ranges: test cell ø 13 mm: 3 – 200 μS
  • Test cell ø 26 mm(1): 0,75 – 75 μS
  • Power supply: battery 9V6LR61
  • Instrument dimensions: (L x W x H): 160 mm x 80 mm x 30 mm
  • Mass: 230 g

(1) The measurement cells with a ø of 6 mm and a ø of 26 mm do not permit standardized measurements because the test areas are too small or too large.


Order CodeDescription
65-YMP30-S-603-800ANOTEST® YMP30-S

For further information on the product and order information on standard accessories, please contact us for a quotation.