Electrical Conductivity of Metals

Dyne Testing offers a handheld instrument for electrical conductivity measurement of non-ferromagnetic metals.

The electrical conductivity is an important material property that not only informs about how well a metal conducts electrical current but also provides information about its composition, microstructure or mechanical properties such as hardness, strength, heat damage and material fatigue of metals.

The SIGMASCOPE® measures the electrical conductivity using the eddy current method according to DIN EN 2004-1 and ASTM E 1004.  The phase-sensitive measurement signal evaluation enables a contact-free determination of the electrical conductivity, for example, under paint or synthetic coatings of up to 500µm in thickness.  This also minimises the influence of surface roughness.



  • Menu-driven operator guidance
  • 100 application memories for calibrations and 20,000 measurement data in up to 4,000 measurement data blocks
  • Individual consideration of the temperature coefficient as applicable to each material for the electrical conductivity
  • Measurement capture: automatic, continuous or with external start
  • Fast analog display
  • 3-stage measurement resolution
  • Graphical presentation of the specification limits on the display
  • Extensive statistical evaluation of test series with date and time as well as computation of Cp, Cpk and histogram display
  • 2 display modes: scientific or statistic
  • Current saver function with adjustable measurement time
  • Automatic shut-off function
  • Manual temperature input
  • Probe-integrated or optional external temperature sensor for the temperature compensation of the electrical conductivity measurement
  • Easily replaceable NiCd battery for a minimum of 20 hours of operating time
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C
  • Mass incl. battery: 600 g / 21 oz
  • Dimensions: L x W x H 230 x 95 x (40-55) mm
  • Measurement frequencies of 60 kHz, 120 kHz, 240 kHz and 480kHz without changing probe
  • Measurement range: 0.5 – 65 MS/m, or 1 – 112 %IACS
  • Measurement accuracy at room temperature: ± 0.5 % from MV
  • Upto 16 measurements per second.
  • Smallest diameter of the measurement area without noticeable influence on the measurement: 13mm
  • Lift-off-compensation up to 0.5mm


Order CodeDescription
65-605-219SIGMASCOPE® – SMP350 Handheld instrument         


Order CodeDescription
65-ES40-603-235Measurement Probe ES40 


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