Multi-Layer Coating Thickness Gauge – Quintsonic 7

QuintSonic_measurementThe Quintsonic 7 coating thickness gauge will measure up to 5 coatings in one single operation.  The instrument based on the ultrasonic impulse method, is ideal for non-destructive testing and offers high resolution sensor and intelligent evaluation capacity.

Typical applications include:

  • Varnish, plastics, synthetic materials, glass, enamel and other coatings on wood, synthetic materials, glass, metal, fibre reinforced plastics  and ceramic
  • Metal coatings on synthetic materials, ceramic and wood
  • Up to 5 coatings in a single operation.

Also suited for wall thickness measurement.

The Quintsonic coating thickness gauge offers the possibility to measure the total thickness as well as the individual layers of a multi-layer system in only one measuring process. The QuintSonic coating thickness gauge measures single and multi-layers of coatings up to a total thickness of 500 μm. The robust gauge is appropriate for use in the laboratory, in production and on site.



  • Quick evaluation of the measuring signal, high accuracy and repeatability owing to the sensor-integrated digital 32-bit signal processing  (SIDSP®)
  • Over 40 measuring values per minute: start, wait for 1 second, done.
  • Mere 5 mm measuring area enables gathering measurement on tiny and curved parts
  • Graphic display showing individual coatings, zoom-enabled A screen and menu-driven user guidance

Packing List:

  • QuintSonic 7 basic unit
  • Ultrasonic sensor with 1 m / 40″ sensor cable
  • USB-Adapter cable
  • Software QSoft 7 Basic Edition on CD
  • Operating manual on CD
  • 1 bottle glycerine couplant, 100 ml
  • 1 bottle coupling gel,  100 ml
  • 4 batteries AA / LR06
  • Plastic carrying case
Measuring principleUltrasonic pulse run-time method
Measuring range /
Resolution /
No.Measuring rangeResolutionAccuracy
1:356 µm0,25 µm0,25 µm
2:890 µm0,5 µm0,5 µm
3:1.900 µm1 µm1 µm
4:3.900 µm2 µm2 µm
5:7.500 µm4 µm4 µm

(at 2375 m/s ultrasonic velocity in all layers)

Minimum layer thicknessapprox. 10 µm (depending on the ultrasonic
velocity in the layer)
Number of layersup to 5 layers in one operation
Measurement cycle timeapprox. 1 s
Measuring area5 mm Ø / 0.2″ Ø
Contact area10 mm Ø / 0.4″ Ø
Minimum curvature radius
convex:50 mm / 2″
No. of test series300
Measurement storage250,000
Measurement unitsµm, mm, mils
CalibrationSound velocity calibration for up to 5 layers
StatisticsN (number of measurment values)
Standard deviation
Coefficient of variation
Block statistics (user adjustable)
Trend diagram
InterfaceInfrared (IrDA® 1.0)
optional RS-232 via additional adapter cable
International StandardsDIN EN ISO 2808
Signal processingSensor integrated digital 32-bit signal processing (SIDSP®)
Operating temperature5 °C – 50 °C / 40 ° F – 122 °F
Storage temperature-10 °C – 50 °C / 14 °F – 122 °F
Power Supply4 x Mignon battery AA / LR06
Power supply (90 – 240V AC / 48 – 62 Hz)
Gauge:153 mm x 89 mm x 32 mm / 6″ x 3.5″ x 1.3″
Sensor:Ø 25 mm x 60 mm / Ø 1″ x 2.4″
Gauge:310 g / 10.8 oz
Sensor:80 g / 2.8 oz
Cable:30 g / 1 oz




Order CodeDescription
80-163-000Quintsonic 7