SmarTest Wireless Coating Thickness Sensor

SmarTest  Coating Thickness GaugeThe SmarTest is a handheld wireless coating thickness measurement instrument with Bluetooth that turns your smartphone or tablet into a coating thickness measurement tool.

The intelligent wireless coating thickness gauge is perfect for non-destructive coating thickness measurement and relays your  data readings via Bluetooth to your tablet, smart phone or to the coating thickness gauge MiniTest 745.

The SmarTest sensor is 16 mm in diameter, 125 mm  in length and weighs just 48g. It’s similar in size to a ballpoint pen so you can carry it in your top pocket along with your smartphone.

The standard instrument is supplied with the F 1.5 (Ferrous) or FN 1.5 (Non-Ferrous) sensor.  Alternatively you can purchase any SIDSP sensor available in the range, simply connect it to the SmarTest gauge and cover a wide range of coating thickness measurement tasks (see  full list of sensors in the accessories list).

The easy to use SmarTest App can be downloaded free of charge on your mobile device and has a step by step guide to operate the instrument:

  • Start the SmarTest app on the mobile device
  • Switch on the wireless sensor and the Bluetooth connection is established automatically
  • Take measurements
  • Measurement values will be displayed, stored  & can be exported in CSV format


Non-destructive coating thickness measurement of:

  • Non-magnetic coatings like varnishes, enamels, chromium and zinc on ferromagnetic base materials (e.g. steel)
  • Insulating coatings like varnishes and anodising aluminium on nonferrous metals (e.g. aluminium, austenitic stainless steel, brass)


  • Precision coating thickness gauge with digital sensor
  • Can be connected to any SIDSP sensor
  • Automatically recognises the substrate material (with FN sensor)
  • Measures either single-point or continuous
  • Transfer of measuring data via Bluetooth, range of approx. 10 m
  • Display and operation by App in 4 languages currently (English, German, French and Chinese)
  • Wear resistant probes (sensors) with a virtually unlimited life
  • Optimal temperature compensation by individual compensation characteristic curves
  • High precision characteristic curves with up to 50 support points in the manufacturer’s calibration
  • Battery charge lasts for more than 8 hours of operation
  • Batteries are charged using a mini USB socket
  • Internal battery control prevents incorrect measurements caused by low battery charge
  • Storage and transmission of measuring data in the CSV format

Packing List:

  • SmarTest with choice of sensor
  • Calibration set with calibration standards and zero reference plate(s)
  • USB charger with mini USB cable
  • Operating manual
  • Manufacturer’s certificate
  • Storage case
PropertyValue F: Magnetic Induction; N: Eddy Current
Measuring range
F 1.5: F: 0 … 1.5 mm
FN 1.5: F: 0 … 1.5 mm /
N: 0 … 0.7 mm
Measuring method
F:Magnetic induction
N:Eddy current
± (1 µm + 0.75% of reading)
± (0.04 mils + 0.75% of reading)
± (0.5 µm + 0.5% of reading)
± (0.02 mils + 0.5% of reading)
Low range resolution
0.05 µm / 0.002 mils
Minimum curvature radius
convex:1.5 mm / 59 mils
concave:7.5 mm / 295 mils
Minimum measuring area
Ø 5 mm / 197 mils
Minimum substrate thickness
F:0.3 mm / 12 mils
N:40 µm / 1.6 mils
Operating temperature
-10 °C … 60 °C / 14 °F … 140 °F
Storing temperature
-20 °C … 70 °C / -4 °F … 158 °F
Bluetooth® 4.0
Bluetooth Smart®
Mini-USB connector for charging, power suppy and data transfer
Power supply
LiFePO4 battery
operating time approx. 8 hours continuous operation
Norms and standards
DIN EN ISO 1461, 2064, 2178, 2360, 2808, 3882, ASTM B244, B499, D7091, E376
125 mm x Ø 16 mm / 4.9” x Ø 0.63”
48 g / 1.7 oz




Order Code Description
80-126-0000SmarTest Bluetooth Adapter Wireless Coating Thickness Measurement (Please Choose Required Probe from Accessories Tab)
80-126-0300SmarTest  complete set with F1.5 probe for non-magnetic coatings on iron or steel
80-126-0200SmarTest complete set with FN1.5 probe for non-magnetic coatings on iron or steel and all electrically insulating coatings on non-ferrous metals



Order CodeProbe Description  F: Magnetic Induction; N: Eddy current
80-135-1600F 0.5   0..500 µm
80-135-2800F05M-0, micro sensor straight version   0..500 µm
80-135-2900F05M-45, micro sensor 45° version  0..500 µm
80-135-3000F05M-90, micro sensor 90° version  0..500 µm
80-135-0000F 1.5   0…1500 µm
80-135-2100F 1.5-90, for internal tube measurement   0…1500 µm
80-135-1700N 0.2   0…200 µm
80-135-3100N0.3M, micro-sensor straight version   0…300 µm
80-135-3200N0.3M-45, micro sensor 45° version    0…300 µm
80-135-3300N0.3M-90, micro sensor 90° version    0…300 µm
80-135-0100N 0.7   0…700 µm
80-135-2200N0.7-90, for internal tube measurement   0…700 µm
80-135-0200FN 1.5   0…1500 µm (F)  0…700 µm (N)
80-135-2300FN1.5-90, for internal tube measurement   0…1500 µm (F) 0…700 µm (N)
80-135-0300F 2   0…2000 µm
80-135-3400F 2.6 special sensor for measurement on car bodies   0…2600 µm
80-135-3500FN 2.6 special sensor for measurement on car bodies   0…2600 µm (F) 0…1300 µm (N)
80-135-0400F 5   0…5000 µm
80-135-0500N 2.5   0…2500 µm
80-135-0600FN 5   0…5000 µm (F)   0…2500 µm (N)
80-135-2400N 7   0…7000 µm
80-135-0700F 15   0…15 mm