Magnetic Coating Thickness Gauge – MikroTest


The robust MikroTest coating thickness gauge, also known as a “banana gauge” is a cost effective magnetic, mechanical gauge for measuring the dry film thickness of non-magnetic coatings on steel substrates using the magnetic attraction principle.  Widely used for over 40 years the instrument is suitable for measurement on flat and curved surfaces and complies with the highest technical standards including ISO 2178, ISO 2361, DIN 50982, BS 5411.  This instrument is perfectly suited for electroplated nickel on copper, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals and can be used in environments where static electricity is an issue.

The instrument is ideal for quick, precise and non-destructive measurements of:

  • Electroplating
  • Nickel coatings
  • Phosphating
  • Paint
  • Plastic
  • Enamel etc. on steel.

The measuring principle is simple.  The attractive force is related to the distance between a permanent magnet and a steel substrate.  The distance represents the thickness of the coating to be measured.  The magnet is lifted from the surface by means of a spring connected to the magnet arm.  The force needed to lift the magnet is directly related to the angle of rotation of the torsion spring.

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  • Highest accuracy with simplest operation
  • No calibration necessary
  • Simple set-up and measurement
  • No power or batteries required
  • One point measurement
  • Robust metal case to protect from mechanical shocks
  • Precision measuring system resistant to solvents

Packing List:

  • MikroTest gauge with hand strap
  • Soft pouch
  • Operating instructions


6 S3:0.2 mm – 3 mm
6 S5:0.5 mm – 5 mm
6 S10:2.5 mm – 10 mm
6 NiFe50:0 µm – 50 µm
Application6 S3; 6 S5; 6 S10 Enamel, plastic, rubber on steel*.
6 NiFe50 Electroplated nickel on steel*.
*Steel: ST 33 to ST 60
6 S3:± 5 % – of reading
6 S5:± 5 % – of reading
6 S10:± 5 % – of reading
6 NiFe50:± 2 µm
6 NiFe50:+ 8 % – of reading
Minimum surface
6 S3:Ø 30 mm
6 S5:Ø 50 mm
6 S10:Ø 50 mm
6 NiFe50:Ø 20 mm
Minimum curvature radius
6 S3:15 mm – convex
6 S3:25 mm – concave
6 S5:15 mm – convex
6 S5:25 mm – concave
6 S10:15 mm – convex
6 S10:25 mm – concave
6 NiFe50:10 mm – convex
6 NiFe50:25 mm – concave
Minimum base thickness
6 S3:1.0 mm
6 S5:1.0 mm
6 S10:2.0 mm
6 NiFe50:0.5 mm
Ambient temperature
-20 °C – 100 °C
Dimensions and weightGauge 215 mm x 55 mm x 29 mm
Plastic carrying case 235 mm x 185 mm x 46 mm
Weight: Case incl. gauge approx. 560 g


Order CodeDescription
80-639-0001MikroTest G5 Manual 0…100µm
80-638-0001MikroTest F5 Manual 0…1000µm
80-641-0001MikroTest G6 Automatic 0…100µm
80-640-0001MikroTest F6 Automatic 0…1000µm
80-642-0001MikroTest S3 6 Automatic 0.2…3µm
80-643-0001MikroTest S5 6 Automatic 0.5…5µm
80-644-0001MikroTest S10 6 Automatic 2.5…10µm
80-645-0001MikroTest S20 6 Automatic 7.5…20µm
80-646-0001MikroTest Ni 50 6 Automatic 0…50µm
80-647-0001MikroTest Ni 100 6 Automatic 0…100µm
80-648-0001MikroTest Ni Fe 50 6 Automatic 0…50µm