Metal Cleanliness Testing

Surface cleanliness testing instrument for measuring oil, grease and cleaning fluid contamination on metal surfaces.  The instrument is widely used for many applications (see list below), especially in the laser welding and laser stripping (hairpins) process for inspection of sufficient cleanliness/stripping using the fluorescence measurement.

Monitoring cleanliness on manufactured metal parts during and after the cleaning process is imperative to ensure surfaces are free of contaminants before the next manufacturing process e.g. assembly, sealing, gluing, painting, printing, lacquering etc.  This metal cleanliness tester also known as the “CleanoSpector” is a simple, handheld non-destructive cleanliness inspection instrument for measuring organic oil, grease or cleaning fluid contamination on a metal substrate and can be used on the production line or in the laboratory.

The CleanoSpector instrument is an easy-to-use fluorescence measuring device and has been specially designed for this purpose. The test results are measured in the degree of the cleanliness of metal parts  in percentage format. It enables the parts to be evaluated directly at the process and  the level of cleanliness is measured by the touch of a button with the result shown within seconds.

Advantages of Using the Fluorescence Method for Measuring Metal Cleanliness:

  • Enables detection of various organics like residual oil, grease, cooling lubricants, separating agents etc.
  • Non-destructive test method
  • Fluorescence intensity increases with amount of contamination (layer thickness)
  • Direct comparison of parts with same contamination.
  • Direct and fast measurement on surfaces
  • Small measurement point provides high lateral resolution

The measuring principle is simple – the instrument detects contamination due to its’ fluorescence which is excited by a UV light emitting diode (UV LED).  The fluorescence intensity depends on the amount of contamination found on the surface at the measuring point, i.e. the higher the fluorescence the more contamination found on the surface.

The CleanoSpector can also be integrated  for automated inline inspection and robot mounted ideal for 3D part inspection.  Please contact our Sales team to discuss these options further.

 Application Examples for Metal Cleanliness Inspection: 
  • Cleanliness inspection of metal parts after machining
  • Inspection of functional surfaces after selective cleaning (laser cleaning, ultra-fine plasma cleaning, CO2 snow blasting, …)
  • Monitoring the cleanliness of metal parts before laser welding
  • Automotive crank shafts, pistons, cam shafts and con-rods after cleaning.
  • Pistons for hydraulic pumps before hardening – residual contamination has an influence on the steel quality in the hardening furnace
  • Stainless steel pipes before coating (vehicle construction)
  • Detecting residual agents and encapsulation material on bond pads before bonding
  • Surface inspection on electrical contacts after stripping of isolation material
  • Gear case parts before coating or bonding
  • Fluxing agent residues on gold bond pads on ceramic substrates
  • Medical device instruments and implants before delivering to the user
  • Cleanliness of parts before vacuum or powder coating
  • Controlling layer thickness of anti-corrosive agents, oils, waxes or bonding agents.
  • Cleanliness inspection of sealing groove in aluminium die cast housings for engine control units (ECU), automated driving control unit, power electronics for e-mobility, & pumps.

If you would like to discuss this product please contact one of our Sales Team and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


  • Mobile and robust measuring instrument for flexible use at the process and in the laboratory
  • Intuitive operation: simple & fast measurement
  • Automatic calibration on reference surface

Application Fields:

  • Contact-free cleanliness inspection of part surfaces at push of button
  • Quality assurance of industrial cleaning processes
  • Layer thickness measurement e.g. of corrosion protection


  • Highest product quality by monitoring limit values
  • Documentation of slightest contamination on various shaped surfaces
  • Efficiency by process optimisation.

Packing List:    CleanoSpector measuring instrument, suitcase, stand, mains adapter, 2 spacers, USB-cable, calibration standard N0 (no fluorescence), operating instruction, calibration certificate

CleanlinessPower Supply
Measuring Range:0 – 100%Mains Adapter/USB100… 240V
Resolution:0.1%Li-Ion battery3.6V / 1,950mAh min 8h operating time
Power Consumption:2.5W max.
Fluorescence intensity 
Measuring Range:0 – 2,000 RFU (Relative Fluorescence Unit)Interface, Memory, Dimension & Weight
Max. Deviation:0.5% of measuring rangeUSB-interface:data transfer
Resolution:0.1 RFUDisplay:LCD, illuminated
Excitation*:365nm, max. 150mWMeasuring Profiles:254
Detection*:460nmMemory:8,000 measuring values/profile
Measuring Point*:D=1mmDimensions (L x W x H)
Measuring Distance*:4.7mmHand-held Device:129 x 82 x 48mm
* standard valuesSensor Head:95 x 50 x 30mm
Weight (device):530g
Layer Thickness
Measuring rangeUser-defined



Order CodeDescription
15-1301CleanoSpector Metal Cleanliness Measuring Instrument



Order CodeDescription
15-2301SITA-ProcessLog Software for Windows XP/VISTA/7/8 (CD-ROM) licence per device
15-3301Calibration standard N1 for verification of CleanoSpector
15-4307Calibration standard N0 (no fluorescence) for verification of CleanoSpector
15-4306Set of Calibration Standards N0 & N1
15-3305Cleaning Kit
15-3306Magnetic holder for fine adjustment of CleanoSpector
15-3307Magnetic holder with adapter for measurement stands (thread M6/M8)
15-3317Shielding for contact-less measurements in high ambient light conditions on flat surfaces
15-3318Stainless steel block with V-sections to place parts with different shapes (particularly shafts, wires or similar)
15-4310Aluminium Spacer Type 1 – Standard Shape,  for positioning on flat surfaces
15-4311Tripod Spacer Type 2 –  for positioning on slightly curved surfaces
15-3309Bipod Spacer Type 3 – for perpendicular positioning in notches and grooves
15-3310Large Spacer Type 4 – for stable positioning on even surfaces (dia. 24mm)
15-3311Pipe Spacer Type 5 – for positioning on pipes with a diameter of 18mm
15-3312Pipe Spacer Type 6 – for positioning on pipes with a diameter of 21mm
15-3313Cone Spacer Type 7 – for setting the measuring distance
15-3314Open Cone Spacer Type 8 – for perpendicular positioning in wide openings or holes and on small parts
15-3315Standard Shape Plastic Spacer Type 9 – for positioning on sensitive, flat surfaces
15-3316Standard Shape Stainless Steel  Spacer Type 10  – a robust spacer for minimal wear with intensive use and for contact with corrosive media.