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Visit us at the Surfex Exhibition 22 – 23 May Ricoh Arena, Coventry

Dyne Testing will be exhibiting at this year’s Surfex Exhibition.  The exhibition is the UK’s must attend coatings event of the year and is being held at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, U.K. on 22nd – 23rd May.  Displaying our … Continue reading

New Surface Measurement Training Course Dates for 2018

Dyne Testing Ltd the UK’s leading supplier of surface measurement solutions has published their new Training Course Dates for 2018. As well as offering a comprehensive range of surface measurement equipment for use in a variety of industrial applications, Dyne Testing also … Continue reading

Understanding the Importance of Surface Tension & How to Measure It.

Surface and interfacial tensions are phenomena that effect our everyday lives.  We can find numerous examples where surface tension plays a role.  Take a classic example of a spider walking on a surface of water.  Change that water to ethanol … Continue reading

Monitoring the Concentration of Cleaning Agents

Water based cleaning agents have an optimal effect when their components are regularly monitored, carefully dosed and their concentrations are kept stable.  This assures not only stable parts cleanliness but also increases the economic efficiency of cleaning processes. Water based … Continue reading

Imagine a World without Adhesion

Do you want to know how you can optimise your adhesion?  By knowing the wettability of your surfaces through analysing the spread of a water droplet – it’s that simple.  The Theta range of Optical Tensiometers (also known as contact … Continue reading

One Software for all Tensiometery

OneAttension software for the Theta and ThetaLite Optical Tensiometers and the Sigma 700/701 Force Tensiometers combines the most intuitive user interface with a high level of functionality. The  all-inclusive software supplied with the instruments enables immediate access to all measurement … Continue reading

Product Spotlight – Multi Layer Coating Thickness Measurement

The QuintSonic 7 Coating Thickness Gauge – for coating thickness measurements of up to 5 coatings in one single operation.   This precision coating thickness gauge is based on the ultrasonic impulse method and offers high resolution sensor and intelligent … Continue reading

Coating Thickness Measurement – The Modern Way

The innovative SmarTest intelligent Bluetooth™ sensor is quickly becoming the preferred choice of coating thickness measurement tools for Quality Assurance in the Coatings Industry and is now available in the UK and Ireland from Dyne Testing Ltd. This sleek, hand-held instrument … Continue reading

Dyne Pens & Test Fluids – How do they work?

Dyne Testing is fast becoming the most well recognised and trusted supplier of Dyne test pens and inks in the UK and overseas for countless applications throughout industry.  Offering customers a choice of Dyne test solutions, Dyne Testing strive to provide … Continue reading

Eliminate Temperature Variation During Coating Thickness Measurement

Dyne Testing Ltd supply a range of high precision test instruments that will measure the dry film thickness of coatings on a variety of substrates depending on the shape and size of the part. The innovative MiniTest 700 series has … Continue reading